Speakers 2023

27.02. Prof. Isabel Günther & Dr. Yael Borofsky ,ETH - D-GESS

Overview of the course, what is development, how to write a blog, what is impact of technology


06.03. Dr. Kartik Chandran, Columbia University


13.03. Priya Mahonty, ETH4D


20.03. Prof. Chris Mattson, Brigham Young University, USA


27.03. Jason Gras, STIMA


03.04. Ghislaine Megha-Bongnkar, EdTech Hub


24.04. Prof. Philip Trotter, Oxford University


15.05. Dr. Katya Cherukumilli, University of California, Berkeley


22.05. Prof. Elizabeth Tilley & Prof. Kristina Shea ETH - DMAVT, DGESS

Speakers 2022

28.02. Prof. Isabel GüntherETH-DGESS

Introduction to course & fighting poverty with technology & measuring the social impact of technologies


07.03. Philippe Monteil, Shigeru Ban Architects Europe

Turkana Houses for a Kenyan Refugee Camp


14.03. Nick Alcock, Khanyisa, South African NGO - ONLINE

Sanitation Services in Informal Settlements: Trying Something New, Learning and Reflecting


21.03. Dr. Yael Borofsky, ETH-DGESS 

Solar Public Lighting in Informal Settlements: Research and Practice


28.03. Priya Mohanty, ETH4D; Ron Halbright, NCBI, Swiss NGO; Kyllian Douhou, African Student Association Zurich (ASAZ)

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop


04.04. Prof. Elizabeth Tilley, ETH - DMAVT 

Global Engineering: From Hubris to Hope


11.04. Prof. Chris Harnish, Thomas Jefferson University - ONLINE

Architectural Matters: Health Infrastructure in Malawi


25.04. Dr. Katya Cherukumilli, UC Berkeley, Global Water Labs - ONLINE

Advancing Equitable Access to Safe Drinking Water through Innovation


02.05. Prof. Edward Asiedu, Ghana University

The role of (modern) technologies in poverty alleviation in developing countries


09.05. Dr. Mary-Anne Hartley, EPFL

Ethics and Governance of AI


16.05. Dr. Bernhard Shibwabo, Strathmore University - ONLINE

Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Healthcare Systems Design


23.05. Dr. Gnanli Landrou, Oxara

Clay, a natural resource, to provide sustainable and affordable housing


30.05. Prof. Elizabeth Tilley & Prof. Kristina Shea, ETH-DMAVT

Conclusion and Reflection



Speakers 2021

04.03. Prof. Isabel Günther, ETH - DGESS - talking from Switzerland

Introduction: fighting poverty and measuring the social impact of technologies


11.03. Miriam Englund, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - talking from Bangladesh

Beyond scale: providing essential services in the world's largest refugee camp 


18.03. Dr. Klaus Schönenberger, EPFL  - talking from Switzerland

Technology innovation for low-income countries: a comprehensive approach


25.03. Prof. Gordon Adomdza, Ashesi University - talking from Ghana

Productive Use Tools: the gari elephant in Ghana 


01.04. Wycliffe (Guguni) Nyabade, Strathmore University - talking from Kenya

Innovation for rural Africa with global significance 


15.04. Prof. Amos Winter, MIT - talking from the US

Global by design: creating technologies for the world 


22.04. Prof. Liz Tilley, ETH - DMAVT - talking from Switzerland

Engineering Education in Africa: the key to “Sustainable” in the Sustainable Development Goals


29.04. Dr. Nicola Greene, Opero Services - talking from Kenya

Privatized pit emptying: going to scale 


06.05. Muthi Nhlema, BaseFlow - talking from Malawi

Malawi’s love-hate relationship with the handpump


20.05. Prof. Amy Bilton, University of Toronto - talking from Canada

Rethinking energy and water in global development 


27.05. Bram Dortmans, EAWAG - talking from Indonesia

Developing an urban black soldier fly biowaste conversion system in Indonesia


03.06. Prof. Jenny Aker,  Tufts University - talking from Niger

Mobile phones and development: does the potential live up to the hype?