A smoky barbecue is great fun in Europe, but is a forced necessity elsewhere: Burning biomass to cook. That is a problem that needs more attention. Find out why…
The Price Problem in Poverty Alleviation
There are many examples of technologies that help fight poverty. But even the most helpful technologies are useless if they never reach the right people because they can't afford them. Finding a sustainable and long-term solution to affordability is not easy.
Public Health Architecture · 03. Mai 2022
Design Helps Health
Catalyzing health and design professionals, to increase patients’ health in a hospital may sound like a reach, but it’s exactly what the Malawi Health & Design Collaborative from the Thomas Jefferson University is doing.
Urban Sanitation · 20. April 2022
Training the Next Generation in Interdisciplinarity
What good is a brilliant idea if it is not implemented? Prof. Liz Tilley illustrated in her talk that engineers must think beyond technology and tackle global health challenges in interdisciplinary teams.
Privilege and Prejudice · 14. April 2022
The First Impression You Give of Yourself
How many times have we seen someone and expressed an opinion before we have even met them? What are the criteria that lead us to say that we like or dislike a person by feeling? How often has our first impression of a person influenced our behavior towards them?
Solar Public Lights · 05. April 2022
Are You Scared to Go Out at Night?
By Leo Neubecker
Khanyisa Toilets · 29. März 2022
A Crawling Solution for Biowaste
In October of 2015, the United Nations defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals “to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all people and the world by 2030”. Nick Alcock deals with point six, “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”.
Turkana Houses · 14. März 2022
What building houses in Kenya has to do with agile product development
Adequate housing is a human right and a big part of making sure that this right is upheld for refugees is meeting the unique architectural and engineering challenges faced on the ground, as the talk of Phillippe Monteil shows. An agile framework might help with that.
Energy and Water · 17. Juni 2021
It is no secret that our world is in a state of imbalance in regards to wealth, income and access to basic needs. Unfortunately, the imbalance and gap keeps growing since all of our well educated designers and engineers work on solutions for the developed world, while the population in developing countries end up paying higher prices for lower quality services. This issue can be recognized in multiple areas and sectors. Let’s have a look at a few examples. Sanitation When it comes to the...

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