International Development Engineering

This is the website of the ETH seminar on international development engineering.


Thought leaders from the field of development engineering will present a wide range of innovations from sectors such as health, water, food, sanitation, and communication that will be critically discussed with students.


Students will  


  1. hear from and discuss with diverse researchers and practitioners around the globe about technological interventions designed to improve human wellbeing within complex, limited-infrastructure, low-resource, and extreme-climate settings.
  2. get familiar with relevant frameworks from social sciences and engineering to understand and evaluate the discussed technologies and to put them into a broader context. 
  3. learn about concrete examples of technological interventions designed to improve livelihoods and critically reflect on them.
  4. get a broad understanding of some of the most important issues and discussions related to global sustainable development.


This website is a collection of critical reflections on the various talks and technologies presented.


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